Graduate – Urban Affairs & Planning

Capstone: Sea Level Rise and Social Vulnerability in South Queens and Southern Brooklyn

Western Jackson Heights: Utilizing Cultural Capital for Neighborhood Improvement

Popular Participation in Climate Adaptation: An Analysis of the Civic Ecology Framework

EcoDistricts: Urban Sustainability at the Neighborhood Level

Urban Climate Risk Assessment – Luanda, Angola

Caracas: Neoliberalism and the Foundations of Social and Spatial Polarization

Soy Production and Deforestation in Argentina’s Gran Chaco: A Plan for Conservation

Undergraduate – History, Journalism

Senior Thesis: Political Conflict and the Transformation of the Frontier in 19th Century Argentina

Adopt and Resist: The Jews of Medieval Southern Italy (PDF)

Catholics and Communists in France: Phases of Dialogue, 1936 – 1958 (PDF)

Luis Sinco’s “Marlboro Marine”

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