Latin America


Latin America

44th Mercosur Summit Commences in Brazil

Al-Assad May Seek Asylum in Latin America


UN Victory for the Nation’s Coca Chewers

United States Accused of Violating Sovereignty

Government Decriminalises Right to Strike


60 Police Arrested for Drug Trafficking, Corruption

Officials Dismissed in Latest Corruption Scandal

Drug Addicts Removed from ‘Crackland’ Slum

Brazil Approves Extradition of ex-Soldier in Human Rights Case

Former Chief of Staff Guilty of Corruption


Cuba: Legal Foreign TV Broadcasts Begin Today

Dominican Republic: 3,800 Volunteer for National Literacy Programme

Cuba: UN Calls for End to US Embargo

Central America

Honduras: Four Judges Dismissed in ‘Technical Coup’

Guatemala: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Mayan Tomb

Nicaragua: Music Promoter Linked with Gang that Killed Facundo Cabral

Panama: Controversial Land Law to be Repealed


Mapuche Groups Demand Self-Determination

Mapuche School Burned, None Injured

Minister of the Interior Claims Mapuche Groups Receive Foreign Funding

Confrontations Erupt over Unwanted Pig Feedlot

Student Leaders Receive Human Rights Award

Fishermen March Towards Capital in Protest


National Liberation Army Kidnaps 5 Gold Miners

Military Airstrike Leaves 13 FARC Dead

Three Detained in Connection with Peasant Massacre

Homicide Rate in Capital ‘Lowest in 27 Years’

Congress Approves Regulation of Euthanasia


Foreign Affairs Minister Calls for Dissolution of OAS

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Chevron Appeal


Crusade against Hunger Launches Today amidst Criticism

Five Police Missing in Durango State


Ministry of Health Issues Dengue Alert

Alleged Coup Leader Accepts Presidential Candidature

Protesters Occupy Indigenous Institute


New Protests over Conga Mining Project

Restrictions Imposed on Genetically-Modified Organisms


President Mujica to Review Media Decree

Congress Votes to Decriminalise Abortion


Supreme Court Postpones Chávez Inauguration

December Most Violent Month of 2012 for Capital

Chávez’s Cancer Surgery ‘Successful’

Palestinians No Longer Require Visas

Two Opposition Politicians Killed During Campaign Rally


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