Scroll down for various news features, special interest pieces, art and food reviews that I contributed to the Argentina Independent.

News Features

Mensalão: The Implications of Brazil’s Largest Corruption Scandal

Frigate Libertad: Vulture Funds and Cabin Fever in West Africa

The View From Down Here: What Four More Years Means for Latin America

Patagonian Safari: Big Cats vs. Big Ranching


Bella Boca: Museo Benito Quinquela Martín

El Buen Sabor: Villa Crespo’s Heart of Delicious

On Now: Tracey Emin’s “How It Feels”

Una Canción Coreana: Home-Cooking in Flores

Movimiento Afrocultural: Quilombo Culture

Projects of the Week

Project of the Week: Oro Verde

Project of the Week: Poesías Para Ilustrar

Special Interest

Cinema & Politics: A Conversation with Fernando Sulichin

Buenos Aires’ Youth Orchestras: Social Change Through Music

Top 5 Argentine Political Gaffes of 2012

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Colonia on a Budget

Top 5 Mausoleums in Recoleta (That Aren’t Evita’s)

Dreaming of a Porteño Christmas: A Foreigner’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Subte Stories – A four-part travel series

Acoyte, Linea A: Old World Caballito

Caseros, Linea H: Resurgent Parque Patricios

Los Incas, Linea B: The Labyrinth of Parque Chas

Jose M. Moreno, Linea E: The Spider Woman’s Final Hours


All content copyright © Chris Barrett 2014 unless otherwise credited.

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