Photo: Koray Ersin

Photo: Koray Ersin

My work in journalism began as an undergrad at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, covering campus news and local goings-on in nearby Burlington for the Defender and since-discontinued Echo, two student-run publications recognized for their high quality and professionalism by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

As a Staff Writer for the Argentina Independent I combined my love of Latin American culture and history with the skills I’d acquired from the great faculty of the St. Mike’s Journalism Department, interviewing community organizers, Hollywood film producers, environmental activists, chefs, poets, soccer players, and social workers, to name just a few.

As Communications Consultant and blogger for the Refugee & Immigrant Fund (RIF) I was able to use my writing and research skills to shed light on the hardships of New York’s recently-arrived refugees and the selfless volunteers who work with them.

I have a background in Latin American history and politics, feature writing, daily news reporting, interviewing, research and analysis, as well as a working proficiency in Spanish. I am a passionate follower of environmental, political, and sustainability-related news, particularly regarding climate change, renewable energy, and urban planning. Occasionally I tweet about these things; you can follow me here.


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